Supportive Family


Supportive Family Classes are smaller, Music Together® ® classes for BOTH families with typically developing children AND families with children with special needs. Supportive Family Music Classes generally have 8 or 9 families, allowing the Music Together Teacher to make accommodations and adjustments when needed. The beauty of Supportive Families classes is twofold… first, the child with special needs is able to observe and learn from his peers in a supportive environment. Second, the typically developing child is able to gain the following: an awareness and appreciation of individual differences, increased understanding and acceptance of diversity and a respect for all people. In addition to these benefits, the families of both typically developing children and children with special needs are able to connect and grow in a nurturing, musical environment.

Oftentimes, families of young children with special needs report having difficulty with finding community activities that they can engage with their children. In a Music Together “Supportive Family Class”, a child with special needs can actively participate right alongside with his or her typically-developing siblings and peers. Musical experiences can offer countless musical and developmental benefits that a child can gainathis or her level of participation. Mid-Hudson Music Together is happy to offer Supportive Family Classes at the Poughkeepsie location.

We also are offering Music Therapy Sessions, which can be small group or 1:1 sessions that may address a child’s goals and objectives. These sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis. Our Supportive Family Classes and Music Therapy Sessions are offered by Haden Minifie, a board-certified music therapist with a MS in Music Therapy from SUNY New Paltz or Elizabeth Clifton, experienced Music Together teacher with her Masters in Social Work who has work with many special needs communities.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about our Supportive Family Classes, please call or email Mid Hudson Music Together today!